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Company: Determine your preferences. Business ISP plans should really be predicated on:

- The type of company (Graphic service organizations will demand large amount of information transfers, equipment shops might need little bit of information transfers)
- Size of business (business with few staff will likely require small amount of data allowance, where large companies with numerous staff will need big data allowance)
- Email records (big businesses need more)
- Multiple locations (when your company has many workplaces, you should have one ISP)

5. Check out of the services contained in packages, they should consist of: Installation, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, data back-up, account management, 24/7 technical support and customer service.

Things to consider

In the event that you already have an ISP you need to ensure you are not breaching any terms and conditions before you change service providers.
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1. First decide if you would like Broadband or dial up. I recommend broadband instead of waiting extended periods of time for pages to load.

2. you can find 4 primary forms of broadband connections:

• DSL/ASDL (connects to your phone line)
• Cable/fibre-optic (High speed additionally connects to your phone line or TV, not possible in many of New Zealand)
• Satellite (Waves from satellite to Computer, can be sluggish in some instances)
• Wireless (Wirelessly connects from your own home towards the base section)

3. Location. Can you get broadband in your area? Some areas nevertheless cannot connect via ADSL or Wireless

4. Residential: Determine your preferences. This will help you choose a link plan.

Are you a gamer, film or television on demand freak, have actually teenagers and multiple computer systems and are you constantly surfing the internet? If that's the case, you need a speed that is high and a big bandwidth or information allowance. You will likely need a small bandwidth or data allowance and want a high speed connection if you just check emails and post comments on Facebook, Bebo and Twitter.